Our Interview on 2 Drinks and a Chat Podcast

A few weeks ago we were asked to be interviewed for a podcast that Keri Nelson creates on station. She’s interviewed close to ten people this winter, each with their own unique and appealing story. One gal, Renee, was interviewed about her harrowing experience being in the mountains of Tibet during the magnitude 8 earthquake in 2015. This interview, I must say, was terrifying to listen to. Her story is nail biting. Another interview is of a guy, Dan, who was asked to be on a Korean television program while he was there teaching English. Everyone down here has such amazing stories – Keri could probably do these forever and never run out of material.

When we were initially asked, we both assumed it was going to be about our time as live aboard sailors. Turns out, the McMurdo grapevine had heard about us living and working at a clothing-optional hot spring…which morphed into the rumor that we lived at a nudist resort…and I think there are people on station who now believe we are full out nudists.

“Dave and Janae Run a Clothing Optional Hot Spring” from 2 Drinks and a Chat. Podcast by Keri Nelson. Released: 2016.

Thanks to Keri for asking and for making it such an enjoyable experience. And thanks to Sadie, Dan, Gaeyln, Renee, Jonathon, Melody, Jen, Charlotte and Kyle for all the fun. You are all amazing!