Our Old Sailing Blog

[live-aboard sailboat]

Before Skidding In Broadside we had a live-aboard sailboat

There was http://crewofwavedancer.blogspot.com because one of our previous ‘homes’ was a live-aboard sailboat.

‘Wave Dancer’ was the name of our little Ericson 27′ sailboat. We lived on it for nearly two years.  We learned how to sail, how to live together on a tiny boat (by not chucking one another overboard), and how to be cruisers. It was quite the challenge and thankfully we both survived.  Some days were easier than others but living aboard a 27′ sailboat as a young couple with a medium sized fluffy dog can be quite the challenge.  All in all we would never take any of it back though.  It was an absolutely incredible experience that we both fondly look back upon.

It actually prepared us nicely for life in the trailer as well as life in McMurdo.  We didn’t have a water maker, so we had to haul water.  There was no refrigeration, so we had to make frequent trips to the store and/or get used to eating a lot of canned and preserved foods. We also had to learn about holding tanks and how to dispose of human waste properly.  That was fun, especially when the hose kinked and needed to be replaced.  That’s when Dave got a shower of fresh effluent.  It was a challenge that would prepare us for many of our future endeavors.

As I’m working to get the new blog, once again, fixed up – this old blog crossed my path. I haven’t really looked at it for years, but it accounts for the journey we had sailing our little boat from the Florida Keys, across the Gulf Stream into the Bahamas and then back to the States and up the Florida coast.

I figured a good throwback was in order.