House Plans Submitted. Check.

We finally did it – we submitted the house plans to the county.

This is something we’ve been researching, drawing, examining, dreaming of and of course working on, and occasionally arguing over, for the past two years. Dave spent a considerable amount of time in Antarctica designing and re-designing the house, mostly because of my frequent design contributions. There were a few nights when I thought he might choke me out and toss my body into a glacial crevasse. Seriously.

What does it take to submit plans to the county?

It’s a hurdle. Last week, in preparation of submitting, we had to get a few things completed.

  • Land survey
  • Site plan completed by surveyor
  • Five copies of the plot plan
  • Two copies of the foundation plan
  • Two copies of the roof framing plan
  • Two copies of the floor plan
  • Two copies of elevations
  • Two copies of the slope profile
  • Two copies of the Energy Conservation Prescriptive Package
  • Two copies of wall bracing plan
  • Two copies of the frame section
  • The permit application that requires a slew full of other information
  • HOA design approval

Last week was busy and a bit stressful. But, we soldiered through. A lot of “hurry up and wait” – thankfully working for the Antarctic Support Contract for so long has gotten me oh so familiar with this method of business. We showed up at the county building with rolls of plans, applications and the stench of desperation (which could stem from the fact that we have been showering only a couple times a week due to life in the trailer).

Now we play the waiting game.

The county is 4-6 weeks out with permitting approval. So, assuming they don’t require more information and/or any changes, we just wait for approval. Then we build.

We’ll be getting materials estimates while we wait and trying to find other things to occupy our time and nervous energy. This hints to the next blog post, “Easy DIY Kegerator”. Check back soon to see what we’ve been up to. Idle hands and all…

Oh yeah, and like I promised – I’ll post the house design soon!