Easy DIY Kegerator

Always wanted to have fresh beer from the tap at home? It’s super easy to turn a fridge into a kegerator.

Oh, and a DIY kegerator is relatively inexpensive however their commercial cousins can run from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Yikes. I know the true beer enthusiasts will argue the pros of a true kegerator as a reason to opt for the real deal, but I draw the line in the sand with this. I love beer, but not enough to warrant a $500 purchase to keep it chilled.

cheap diy kegerator

Step 1: Obtain a fridge.

We picked one up through Craigslist for less than $100. If you have an idea of what size kegs you’ll want, keep that in mind when buying your fridge. It might not be a bad idea to measure the dimensions of desired keg to ensure it will fit properly in the fridge.

keg kegerator

Step 2: Get all the components you’ll need to set up the tap.

What you’ll want to buy can vary, depending on what you want. Starting prices are around $70. Do some research to figure out what you’d like. We went with a simple set up, similar to the one below.

Kegerator with tap

Step 3: Determine where the tap will be on the fridge door.

Make sure it isn’t placed somewhere that will give you headache down the line. Also, consider the tubing from the keg to the tap; making a more direct connection makes more sense, versus having tubing reeking havoc in your fridge. Once you’ve made your choice, drill a small hole through the fridge door, marking where you’ll want the tap to be.

kegerator DIY


Step 4: Using a 1” hole saw, enlarge the hole all the way through.

Our #Milwaukee Hole Dozer hole saw kit comes in handy for just such an occasion, easy to get at your nearby #HomeDepot. Use a vacuum to clean up the mess, which takes about 30 seconds. Easy-peasy.

Step 5: Connect the pieces of the tap on the door, connect the tubing to the inside of the tap, open the CO tank and voila – beer on draft!

With tapping any new keg, you’ll have a lot of foam for the first few. That’s normal. It subsides and before you know it, you’re enjoying your favorite craft beer on tap. Enjoy!